A Platform for Safety Professionals  

Since the time of evolution, humans were driven by their instinct to survive. Survival is all about protection from the unknown.

The unknown in the form of nature, animals, and other humans was the first step to a sense of protection and safety in man. This safety instinct is inherent in man’s approach to life evolved with every step of human invention.

From survival in the stone ages to bringing Safety in all walks of life today for survival, defines existence.

WORLD OF HSE is born out of this Will to survive for all individuals who would like to bring in safety as their fundamental basis of existence.

Here we would be addressing Health, Safety & Environmental concerns from a personal to organizational perspective whether it be workplaces or at their homes.

WORLD OF HSE is an interactive platform where likeminded individuals are given space to express their experiences theoretical as well as real life and to create awareness and a global community of individuals and professionals where Safety First is a solemn pledge to leading their daily lives.

This platform is a tribute to the safety community by the founders who have for the past 30 years been professing safety by way of their products and offerings or with their expertise in the industries they represent.

The Safety experts in WORLD OF HSE panel are always available for interaction and consultancy as requested by individuals or companies who would like to inculcate a comprehensive safety culture and awareness in their lives and their work environment.

Make WORLD OF HSE your window to a world of Information and opportunities for your daily Environment embedded with Good Health & Safety practises.