Safe Catalyst Handling

by Michael Dufrasnes, General Manager of ERI Technical Services (FZE).

What are Catalysts?
A catalyst is a substance the rate of a chemical reaction, but is usually not consumed by the reaction. A catalyst is normally chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction. Many catalysts are complex mixtures of different chemicals.

Health Risks
Many substances used in catalyst have hazardous properties that can be linked to adverse health effects. The main method to check the hazards is in the safety datasheet (SDS) that’s available from catalyst suppliers. As well as information on the hazards, the SDS contains details for the handling, transport and risk management measures such as protective equipment (PPE)

What can we do for you?
Supplying and advising on the correct use of protective equipment (PPE). Training, advising and assisting your employees on how to handle catalyst safely during the unloading and loading of catalyst and supplying catalyst equipment built according to the highest safety standards.

ERI Technical Services (FZE)
With the above in mind and the already long-standing cooperation between the Raja Group and Edelhoff-Technologies GmbH in the MENA region, a Joint Venture has been established to combine the expertise of both parties into ERI Technical Services (FZE). 

Edelhoff is well-known as a specialized independent European manufacturer of CE- Certified Breathing Air Systems and offering the largest range of products and technologies for Catalyst services in refineries worldwide. Combined with 59 years of trading experience from The Raja Group in the Middle-East and with over 22 years in the safety business captured in the business unit Safety Plus World we could offer you a complete HSE solution how to handle catalyst safely.